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Industry: Asphalt


Asphalt. Bitumen. Tar. Pitch. Crude oil. Whatever it is called around the world, it releases strong odors, particularly intense when heated. Hot asphalt is used to make road surfaces and roof shingles, key components of modern society. Permanent sites may heat and blend hot asphalt/aggregate blends for paving or for creating shingles, and will be an expected annoyance downwind.

High pressure unit for large municipal and industrial sites which may require intensive and continuous treatment.
Mid pressure unit for mid to large size sites with moderate odor control needs capable of continuous duty.
Foaming micronutrient formulation for surface treatment with immediate odor control and long-lasting odor prevention.
The most resistant and versatile formulation for higher temperature industrial processing.
Specialty formulation for complex odors from plastics, paving and petrochemical applications.