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Industry: Food Processing
Malodors generated from food processing can vary greatly, since they can be produced by in any number of steps in the process. With odors coming from such diverse sources, it can be difficult to properly manage them and counteract their effects. Ecolo offers a number of solutions to food processing odors, see which one is right for you.

High pressure unit for large municipal and industrial sites which may require intensive and continuous treatment.
Mid pressure unit for mid to large size sites with moderate odor control needs capable of continuous duty.
Pond and static lagoon treatment, which binds hydrogen sulfide while producing immediate odor relief.
Micronutrient formulation for wastewater, reducing solids and odor generation.
Our topical micronutrient solution with immediate odor control and long-lasting odor prevention.
The most resistant and versatile formulation for higher temperature industrial processing.
Particularly effective against organic waste odors typically found in transfer stations or green waste composting.