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Industry: Hospitals
industry-healthcare     Sterilization of laboratory and medical waste is necessary, but releases obnoxious, hot and humid air from the chamber at the end of the cycle.  To combat this specific issue, Ecolo offers an autoclave treatment solution called AirSolution 530 AutoFresh.  This is simply added before the beginning of the cycle, or automatically injected into the autoclave during the cycle.  This product reacts with the odors inside the chamber, removing the annoyance of the released air after the cycle is complete. Palliative Care This ward can be particularly difficult, containing the most seriously ill patients.  Dedicated health care professionals work to reduce stress and make patients comfortable by all means possible.  The GelTech system is a discrete method to improve living and working conditions in these challenging areas.

For trashrooms
Autoclave treatment solution for controlling odors from hospital and medical waste.
For neutralizing trash room doors with a stronger characteristic of orange, lemon and lime.
The GelTech system offers AirSolution technology in a convenient spill proof and patent-pending gel matrix. This product truly neutralizes odors, 24 hours a day, in a several pleasing varieties. This is an ideal and discrete solution to odors in smaller spaces.