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Industry: Restaurant
Interior of restaurant   Exceptional food, services, and atmosphere are prime elements for the success of a restaurant. Cooking odors can become overwhelming, and any detection of trash odor can quickly catch the attention of hungry customers. Even baking bread can become annoying to local residents. Ecolo has years of experience in neutralizing odors at restaurants and other food service establishments.

For trashrooms
Bioaugumentation formula with odor control designed to digest organics and grease. Particularly useful for systems with periodic chemical upsets.
Our topical micronutrient solution with immediate odor control and long-lasting odor prevention.
For neutralizing trash room doors with a stronger characteristic of orange, lemon and lime.
The GelTech system offers AirSolution technology in a convenient spill proof and patent-pending gel matrix. This product truly neutralizes odors, 24 hours a day, in a several pleasing varieties. This is an ideal and discrete solution to odors in smaller spaces.