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Industry: Transfer Stations
industry-transfer-stations Transfer stations are a vital part of municipal infrastructure. Odor is one of the biggest problems operators will face, with more and more public pressure to go unnoticed by the community. Ecolo offers the complete solutions, systems, and services to ensure that odor issues at transfer stations are controlled so the site can coexist with its neighbors within the community,

Mid pressure unit for mid to large size sites with moderate odor control needs capable of continuous duty.
Mid pressure unit for excellent treatment of smaller outdoor sites or large trashrooms, with full programmability for cycled treatment and emergency manual override for odor events.
Foaming micronutrient formulation for surface treatment with immediate odor control and long-lasting odor prevention.
Particularly effective against organic waste odors typically found in transfer stations or green waste composting.
Formulation for fermentation and decay at large sites, with a very natural characteristic.