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Biochemical Additives

Many industrial and municipal treatment processes rely on the use of microorganisms to efficiently degrade waste material. Unfortunately, overloaded systems, chemical ,organic inputs or other fluctuation can result in nuisance odors. To combat this, Ecolo offers a line of biochemical additives to improve the growth and effectiveness of advantageous bacteria in organic waste.

Ecolo’s BioStreme™ solutions minimize foul odor generation by influencing the microbiology of an organic waste. BioStreme™ delivers highly specific micronutrient to the indigenous microoganisms of the waste material to promote growth and reproduction of bacteria that break down waste, while reducing the growth of odor causing bacteria by selective inhibition.

BioStreme™ can be applied to liquid or solid waste, as a surface treatment, by incorporation, or dosing during processing.


Our topical micronutrient solution with immediate odor control and long-lasting odor prevention.
Foaming micronutrient formulation for surface treatment with immediate odor control and long-lasting odor prevention.
Micronutrient formulation for compost to increase decomposition speed and reduce ammonia production.
Micronutrient formulation for wastewater, reducing solids and odor generation.
Bioaugumentation formula with odor control designed to digest organics and grease. Particularly useful for systems with periodic chemical upsets.
Pond and static lagoon treatment, which binds hydrogen sulfide while producing immediate odor relief.