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BioStreme™ 301

download-c3-datasheet7BioStreme™ 301 Bioaugumentation Concentration is an effective, active and natural product which solves grease trap problems without harsh solvents, corrosive chemicals or expensive maintenance. BioStreme™ 301 uses natural processes to rid grease traps and plumbing of grease and waste accumulations, it also utilizes AirSolution technology for immediate odor reduction.

BioStreme™ 301 is composed of a synergistic blend of bacterial strains which will rapidly flourish after application to naturally break down grease, fat and other complex organic materials. BioStreme™ 301 does not contain caustics or other chemical treatments, which means it is safe for plumbing.


Types of Odors Treated

  • Organic Odors
  • Grease Odors
  • Volatile Fatty Acids

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