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Purpose-built Portable Odor Control Cannons

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Nothing is Tougher on a Landfill.

Heating System for Winter Operation

Misting Cannons

Ecolo, the industry’s largest provider of odor control products, proudly offers a range of odor control cannons developed around the benefits of combining portable high powered dispersion techniques with industry specific odor control solutions. Ecolo’s odor control cannons can be used to treat odor in the air (Air Atomization) or at the surface (Topical Coverage).

Air Atomization

Ultrafine droplets of Ecolo’s AirSolution products are produced from the integrated high pressure pump and custom barrel mounted nozzle configuration for highly effective dispersion of odor neutralizing solution into odorous air. AirSolution molecules collide with odorous molecules to create an immediate and permanent neutralization in the air.

Nozzle ring on E400 (3)

Topical Coverage

AirSolution and BioStreme odor control solutions are injected or pre-mixed with water and dispersed from the cannon with particle sizes that achieve maximum throw and uniform topical coverage over areas of odor causing material. Topically applied AirSolution neutralizes odor on contact or BioStreme can be used to alter the odor producing mechanism at the source for several days after a single treatment.

Ecolo odor control cannons are built with high quality corrosion resistant materials and designed for years of trouble free operation. They are available in a range of sizes and offer features like freeze protection, remote operation and self contained platforms for remote locations.