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Misting Solutions

Ecolo AirSolutions is designed to eliminate both airborne and surface odors. Normal masking agents only add scent to the smell generated by industrially formed odor compounds. AirSolution is different than simple masking agents; our misting odor neutralizers attract and neutralize odors through reactive chemical processes for permanent destruction. AirSolution is safe to use and environmentally friendly.

These highly concentrated and widely versatile formulations are water-soluble and can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments, dispersed through our rugged AirStreme automated misting systems.


Check below for details of specific AirSolutions product.

For neutralizing trash room doors with a stronger characteristic of orange, lemon and lime.
Effective neutralizer of grease and cooking odors in hot exhaust ducts. Residual effect of lemon, mint and cherry.
This is the most versatile environmental solution, useful in a broad variety of municipal and industrial sites.
Specialty formulation for complex odors from plastics, paving and petrochemical applications.
The premiere formulation for wastewater treatment facilities, neutralizing odors while being undetectable downwind of the wastewater facility.
Formulation for fermentation and decay at large sites, with a very natural characteristic.
This blend is specialized against hydrogen sulfide emissions in wastewater and solid waste applications.
Particularly effective against organic waste odors typically found in transfer stations or green waste composting.
The most resistant and versatile formulation for higher temperature industrial processing.
The most resistant and versatile formulation for higher temperature industrial processing.
Autoclave treatment solution for controlling odors from hospital and medical waste.