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AirSolution™ 23


AirSolution™ 23 is a concentrated non-toxic liquid odor counteractant for treating airborne odors that originate from solid waste materials in commercial and light industrial applications including, trash rooms, dumpsters, compactors, recycling areas and food waste disposal.

AirSolution™ 23 is a water soluble liquid, with a distinct scent, used to neutralize and completely eliminate various organic odors arising from a multitude of sources. The basis of AirSolution is a complex blend of essential oils and odoriferous organic compounds found in plants. AirSolution™ also contains surfactant, isopropyl alcohol, dyes (product class: FD&C color) and water. When the diluted product is misting in contact with odorous air it effectively reduces the concentration and intensity of airborne odors by converting odor molecules into non-volatile compounds.

AirSolution™ 23 is safe to handle and apply in areas where there may be human contact.

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