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Misting Systems

Ecolo offers two forms of misting systems that can be used in a variety of different situations. Pneumatic systems use air as the medium for chemical dispersal for smaller enclosed area, while Hydraulic systems use liquid for large trashrooms or outdoor applications. Both systems bring with them low installation costs, design simplicity and outstanding overall build quality. Which method is right for you depends on a number of factors including surface area and noise control requirements.


Ideal for large trashrooms and outdoor applications. Uses highly diluted solutions and many strategically placed nozzles.
Mid pressure unit for excellent treatment of smaller outdoor sites or large trashrooms, with full programmability for cycled treatment and emergency manual override for odor events.
Mid pressure unit for mid to large size sites with moderate odor control needs capable of continuous duty.
High pressure unit for large municipal and industrial sites which may require intensive and continuous treatment.
Direct injection tankless system for small areas, which allow on demand precise mixing every time.
Ideal for trashrooms, cooking exhaust systems, and other spaces requiring a light dry mist for odor treatment.
For trashrooms
For portable treatment needs
For Exhaust Stacks