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Hydraulic Systems

Our Hydraulic misting systems are ideal for larger application areas such as transfer stations, wastewater treatment plants and other large scale industrial areas.The site is evaluated to determine the best approach to treatment. Large sites are best treated with high pressure(>800 Psi) with nozzles strategically placed. Moderately sized sites like Transfer stations can be well treated with a mid-pressure system.

*Continuous treatment, programmable cycle settings, or manual “event” based emergency use are available.


Mid pressure unit for excellent treatment of smaller outdoor sites or large trashrooms, with full programmability for cycled treatment and emergency manual override for odor events.
Mid pressure unit for mid to large size sites with moderate odor control needs capable of continuous duty.
High pressure unit for large municipal and industrial sites which may require intensive and continuous treatment.
Direct injection tankless system for small areas, which allow on demand precise mixing every time.