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MSP System

download-c3-datasheet7MSP is one of Ecolo’s Air Misting Systems. It is ideal for removing smoke odors in hotel rooms.

MSP provides a rugged portable solution to eliminate unwanted odors. The MSP-ST has a convenient spring timer to set treatment times up to 15 minutes. An interval timer provides flexible programming for the MSP-CT. The remote nozzle is mounted on a 1L, 2L, or 4L container to orient misting as required.

The MSP system will be best used together with our AirSolution products:
  • Use the MSP with AirSolution #37 to eliminate cigar/cigarette smoke odors from hotel rooms or vehicles in minutes
  • Deodorize rental or “for sale” properties with AirSolution #72.
  • Eliminate fish and cooking odors with AirSolution #42.
  • Treat locker rooms and nursing homes with AirSolution#71.


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