AirSolutionTM formulations are water-soluble liquids, with advanced odor elimination technology, designed specifically to neutralize various organic odors arising from a multitude of sources. The basis of AirSolutionTM contains a complex proprietary blend which has proven effective in eliminating targeted malodors. When the diluted product is misting in contact with odorous air, it effectively reduces the intensity of airborne odors by active counteractions. LEARN MORE


BioStreme® topical and additive formulations have been specifically developed to enhance growth and reproduction of beneficial bacteria through optimized essential nutrients. The proprietary formula consists of micronutrients, amino acids and complex organic extracts which help to create a balanced biological environment to prevent the development of an odor, combating odor problems originating at the source. With the use of BioStreme®, effective management of virtually any biological treatment process can be achieved or enhanced to provide increased treatment efficiency and operational cost savings. LEARN MORE


XStreme™ Vapor Solutions contain industry-proven odor elimination technology common to Ecolo®’s AirSolution™ line but require no pre-dilution and are highly concentrated. These powerful neutralizing agents include complex proprietary blends with 0% of water, designed to function in below-freezing temperatures to combat odor complaints, all year round. They are engineered for specific applications, eliminating targeted malodors. Compared to conventional misting, these ultra-light particles can easily disperse throughout all parts of an enclosed space for uniform coverage and intensity. LEARN MORE

XStreme Vapor Solutions
GelTech - Green Apple and Fresh Linen


Similar to the AirSolutionTM line, Ecolo®’s GelTech® contains advanced odor elimination technology that works through the process of odor neutralization to reduce odor complaints. GelTech® cartridges are super concentrated, with over 90% active ingredients. It is spillproof with excellent clarity, uniform release, and heat and cold stability. The gel is Phthalate-free. LEARN MORE



The AirStreme® product line is a complete offering of technologically advanced misting and vapor delivery equipment. Professional quality design and precision controls make AirStreme® systems the preferred choice for odor control in industrial, commercial & environmental applications. LEARN MORE

Odor Treatment to Fit Your Application

No matter what city or town you are in, it is common to encounter odor problems generated by surrounding facilities. From food processors to waste haulers, nuisance odors can be brought up as a public concern. Ecolo® proudly offers industry’s most comprehensive line of odor control products to tackle your odor challenges. We use a two-way approach to eliminate airborne odors through misting/vaporizing, and apply topical/additive solutions to prevent the development of the nuisance smell, thus combating odors at the source. We provide odor control solutions to four targeted sections – Solid Waste, Wastewater, Commercial Trash Rooms, and Industrial applications.