AirSolution formulations are water-soluble concentrates that incorporate a complex proprietary blend of active botanical extracts and powerful odor neutralizing agents. When the diluted AirSolution is misted in contact with odorous air, the active counteractions effectively neutralize airborne malodors.

Common Applications: Landfills, Transfer Stations, Composting, Wastewater, and Recycling.

Commercial Trash Room
#23, 15, 5, 14, 72, 11, 28, 101

AirSolution for Commercial Sites neutralizes offensive odors created by decay processes and released during standing. Commercial blends are commonly used for indoor or enclosed sites.

Kitchen Exhaust Odor #26

AirSolution #26 is a concentrated odor counteractant specifically designed for eliminating odors from cooking exhausts at restaurants and food processing facilities.

Smoke Odor #37

AirSolution #37 – Smoke Away has incorporated the technology most effective in eliminating tobacco smoke odors. Instead of masking the odor with an excessive amount of scents, AirSolution #37 is capable of reducing the intensity of malodors by odor neutralizing agents.

Solid Waste #9314, 9149

AirSolution for Solid Waste neutralizes offensive odors related to mixed organic waste decomposition. They have been introduced for the targeted counteraction of mercaptans, amines, and sulfides resulting from the breakdown of green wastes, fats, and proteins. Applicable for large applications including transfer stations, landfills & composting operations.

Wastewater #9312, 9304

AirSolution for Wastewater Plants neutralizes offensive odors related to wastewater treatment processes, such as hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, and other organic sulfur-based compounds. Applicable for large environmental sites such as wastewater treatment systems.

Industrial #9204, 9316

AirSolution for Industrial sites neutralizes offensive odors created by industrial, petrochemical and metals processing operations. AirSolution #9316 is optimized to eliminate the odors created by higher temperature drying processes of organic materials such as grains, yeast, beans and leaf products. A unique formulation with increased resistance to heat sources making it more stable in higher temperature applications.