XStreme waterless vapor odor control solutions

Why choose XStreme Vapor Technology?

  • Advanced odor elimination technology.
  • Completely water-free, functional in below-freezing temperatures.
  • Concentrated and Ready-to-Use.

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XStreme #8420 for Cannabis Greenhouses

#8420 Clean and Pure

XStreme Solution #8420 Clean and Pure is designed to neutralize targeted malodors including terpenes, and sulfur-containing chemicals common to loading docks, garbage transfer stations and exhaust stacks. Made in consultation with commercial cannabis growers, third-party testing has proven #8420 Clean and Pure to be 100% effective at removing cannabis odor from the air!

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#8023, #8015 for Commercial Sites

Common to Ecolo’s AirSolution line, XStreme Vapor Solutions for Commercial Sites are proprietary blends developed specifically to neutralize offensive odors created by decay processes and released during standing. XStreme Vapor blends are highly concentrated. Being waterless, XStreme solutions provide odor control all year round, even in below-freezing temperatures.

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#8012 for Wastewater

XStreme #8012 is a proprietary waterless blend developed specifically to target hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, and other organic sulfur-based compounds. It has been proven effective for eliminating odors at environmental sites such as wastewater treatment systems, oil processing, and fermentation lagoons.

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