The AirStreme product line is a complete offering of technologically advanced misting, vapor and topical delivery equipment. Professional quality design and precision controls make AirStreme systems the preferred choice for odor control in industrial, commercial & environmental applications.

GelTech Fan Dispenser

GelTech Fan Dispenser

GelTech systems excel in smaller areas such as trash chute rooms, washrooms, building entrances and corridors. With up to 3000 cubic feet coverage, our GelTech system is ideal for spaces with persistent odors over an average 30-day cycle.

AirPro Mini

AirPro Mini

Using AirSensory Premium Air Care the AirPro Mini is the complete odor counteractant and ambient environment enhancer for offices and other small commercial spaces. Featuring an elegant and modern design, the AirPro Mini is ideal for even highly visible front-end uses such as hallways, lobbies, reception areas, and retail stores.

ACU.15 with 1 vapor station

AirPro ACU.15

Using XStreme and AirSensory Premium vapor solutions Ecolo’s AirPro ACU.15, designed specifically for compact commercial applications, employs easy 24-7 programming and a durable oil-less compressor, in a tamper and corrosion-resistant polycarbonate enclosure.

ACU.25 with 1 vapor station

AirPro ACU.25

Ecolo’s pneumatic system AirPro ACU.25 combines easy-to-use electronics and a durable oilless compressor in one sleek and professional package of a polycarbonate enclosure. It is specially designed to provide independent control of multiple zones using any combination of remote air mist nozzle, vapor unit or spray station to neutralize odors.

AirStreme AMC inside

AMC Misting Systems

Ecolo’s AMC Automated Misting Systems are designed with advanced mist nozzles and pressurized fluid to produce finely atomized liquids. Featuring an advanced digital controller for quality and logical programmability including continuous operation. Combined with AirSolution odor neutralizers, AMC Misting Systems offering up to 150 nozzles are an effective method for eliminating odors in a broad range of industrial and environmental applications.

HydroFoamer with BioStreme 111F


Used to apply BioStreme topical formulations, Ecolo’s HydroFoamer is the ideal equipment for problem surfaces including tipping floors, storage bins, and plant equipment surfaces. BioStreme foaming micronutrient blends can also provide effective visible coverage of lagoons and solid waste working faces.